Margaret Munchheimer completed the BFA program at Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery in Florence, Italy, in 2016.

Born in California in 1976, she has lived and worked in New York and Berlin, and is now based in Utrecht, Netherlands.

‘ My work reflects a history of travel and living abroad, a passion for music, mythology and magic, and an endless fascination for the stories behind the things we covet; the power imbued into the things we love, what we choose to carry and convey.

Found Object jewelry is an investigation into the narrative of objects. I draw on the idea of the forgotten things surrounding us as modern fossils, with a history of their own, and a possible ‘afterlife’ in which their identity can be re-imagined once they’ve been discarded.

Jewelry embodies this aspect of ephemeral ideas and personal significance attached to something physical-  Telling their stories is my form of alchemy, creating something new and precious from that which is readily available but essentially invisible.

Moving between the alchemical and the everyday, and back again, that is what i consider to be my work. ‘